Techno Concepts began its humble roots in Chennai, India 30 years back in the year 1992. It was founded by Mr. Thirumaran .P & Mr. Jayaprakash P.

Initially, we started with the manufacturing of Stainless Steel testing drums. Gradually, we increased our portfolio with Stainless Steel Dry Milling drums & Polypropylene drums for testing and large-scale production purposes. Later we added hot & cold water feeding and mixing system for tanneries.

We introduced a Component Ironing Machine (Model: Compress) and Model Triopress for Ironing and Embossing Cut Leather Components to cater to The leather goods accessories Industries. (bags, wallets, belts, etc.)

Our Team

Mr. Thirumaran .P


Mr. Thirumaran .P holds a strong command in the field of leather tanning. He got his M. Tech (Leather) from AC College, Chennai. He started his career more than 40 years ago with the manufacturing of leather and chemicals, and gradually moved to machine manufacturing.

Mr. R. Visweswaran


Mr. R. Visweswaran continues to make solid technical innovations for the firm. He completed his B. Tech from REC Suratakal, M. Tech from IIT Chennai. Before joining, Techno Concepts, he was working as GM in a leading tannery and looked after engineering services.

Mr. Jayaprakash P.


Mr. Jayaprakash P. looks after the sales & marketing for the firm. He holds a rich experience of more than 35 years in the leather & tannery market. He has global exposure of markets to the likes of Europe, Asia etc.